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Federico Vaccari

Ph.D. University of Essex, 2018.

Assistant Professor, University of Bergamo

Interests: Microeconomics, Political Economy, and Information Economics. 

Email: vaccari.econ@gmail.com

CV: Click here to download my CV



Complementary and Rivalrous R&D for Global Standards (with Salvatore Piccolo, Pekka Sääskilahti, and Patrick Rey)

Efficient Communication in Organizations

Political Pandering and Bureaucratic Influence (with Christos Mavridis and Simon Lodato)

Welfare and Competition in Expert Advice Markets - Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2024, Vol 219, 74-103

Competition in Costly Talk - Journal of Economic Theory, 2023, 213, 105740

Influential News and Policy-making - Economic Theory, 2023, 76(4), 1363-1418